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Men's Altra Provision 8

by Altra
Type: Men's Shoes

 The Altra Provision 8 is a reliable stability trainer that takes the Provision series to the next level with improved comfort and a better fit. Made with AltraEGO foam, the midsole offers a soft and responsive feel with each step. Featuring GuideRail technology, the shoe discreetly supports your foot through every heel-toe transition. The outsole is designed with FootPod technology for a flexible ride and strong grip on all types of roads. And don't forget about the upgraded engineered mesh upper, which delivers a secure fit, exceptional comfort, and superior breathability. With Altra's signature FootShape fit and zero-drop offset, the Provision 8 is a top choice for anyone looking for a daily trainer that supports natural running.

 What You'll Love 

  • Non-intrusive stability
  • Soft and responsive midsole
  • Breathable upper design