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Women's Topo ST-4


The Topo ST-4 is a zero drop shoe with a wider toe-box that is designed to deliver a natural ride with a lightweight fit. Any athlete looking for a shoe made for gym workouts or faster uptempo running can grab the simple and easily packable Topo ST-4 

What You'll Love

  • Collapsible heel counter allowing for easy gym bag packing
  • Knit upper for a breathable and secure fit
  • Lightweight design

Perfect for quick speedwork or gym workouts between meetings, the Topo ST-4 comes with a wider toe-box and low-profile design. The midsole of the Topo ST-4 has a minimal amount of cushion and a 0mm drop making it nimble and agile during quick movements and faster speed sessions. The Topo ST-4 also has a knit upper reinforced by a skeleton lining that gives athletes a breathable and strong fit.  Finished with a collapsable heel counter allowing the shoe to lay flat in different kinds of gym bags, the Topo ST-4 is perfect for athletes with a busy schedule or runners looking to enhance speed sessions in the gym