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Skratch SuperFuel Drink Mix

by Skratch

Skratch Labs' Sport Superfuel Drink Mix was created for athletes who push so hard that they can't easily take in enough calories to perform at their best.

For years, they've preached fueling with real food, like the brand's famous rice cakes or Anytime Energy Bars. Why? Because traditional fueling gels and drinks use carbohydrates that break down too fast to tolerate, causing gastrointestinal distress.

But they get it — you can't always make or carry real food — you want power in a bottle.

They've discovered the answer in a better carbohydrate that digests steadily, like real food does: Cluster Dextrin™.

One serving of Superfuel gives you 400 calories, powered by Cluster Dextrin™, plus the electrolytes lost in sweat to fuel and hydrate your biggest days.

Prior to release, Skratch tested this formula for over 20 months with the world's greatest athletes, including Gold Medalist Triathlete Gwen Jorgensen and the EF Education First Pro Cycling team. It has allowed these athletes to drink their fuel on some of the longest and most intense events in the world when they can't eat real food, without causing gastrointestinal distress.

Use it when there's no time to chew.

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher, Vegan.