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Women's Saucony Ride 15

$104.95 Regular price $140.00
by Saucony

The Saucony Ride 15 has a new look but continues to be a daily training workhorse that is perfect for runners of every ability. Coming in lighter than the previous version with even more foam in the midsole, the Ride 15 has the comfort needed to be a go-to training partner for any runner. 

What You’ll Love

  • Increased cushioning at a lighter weight 
  • Smooth and flexible ride
  • Inherently stable design

With a modern facelift, the new Saucony Ride 15 is smoother, more cushioned, and lighter than before.  With light and plush cushioning that helps to dampen the harsh impacts of landing, the Ride 15 is a great choice for those looking for soft comfort on their runs, jogs, or walks.

The new midsole shape cradles the runner's foot within the shoe rather than sitting them on top of it.  This creates an inherently stable landing while the flexible outsole design gives runners a smoother ride from landing to toe-off. Finished off with a breathable upper and a secure lockdown system, the Ride 15 has all the classic workhorse features that fans have loved, but with some modern enhancements that even elite runners can appreciate during their everyday runs.