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PICKY BARS Call of the Wild Blueberry Granola

Type: Nutrition

All granola is alike right?  Nope!  Picky Bars has been a staple for us in a number of categories and it's no surprise they are always thinking about global domination.  Well...maybe not global but at least they have us thinking...."What are they going to do next?"  Enter - Picky Bars Performance Granola.

This granola is packed with flavor and has us looking for more milk!  We can't get enough of it!  Picky says "Our Performance Granola (created with Elyse Kopecky) is ready for spooning by the bowlful, as a topping, or munching straight from the bag."  Truth be told...there are many of us that have this next to our desks as a "go-to" snack.  The crunchy oat and nut clusters are tangled with amazing berries, and it's also balance with flax and satiating virgin coconut oil.  Can you say yes please?

A couple of other amazing stats on this killer granola are:

  • Gluten, dairy, soy, GMO-free
  • Only 5g added sugar (per serving)
  • Jazzed up with mineral-rich nuts and seeds and berries
  • Balanced complex carbs, satiating fats, easy-to-digest protein
  • 10 servings per bag