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Medi-Dyne The X Brace - Single

Type: Accessories

Tuli's The X Brace is the simplest, most effective way to relieve heel pain and improve your foot biomechanics. It is made from medical-grade elastic and provides personalized fit and maximum stability to reduce heel pressure. Tuli's X Brace is designed to stabilize your feet from the front of the foot arch to the back of the heel, promoting a healthy walking style. It also reduces overpronation, making it an ideal solution for people who have heel pain or instability.

Medi-Dyne Tuli's X Brace has been designed specifically to give support and assistance to these conditions. Their unique sizing system provides the perfect fit for each individual's body. The Tuli’s X Brace is the perfect size for youth, X-Small through Large. The X-Large is designed for those that are a bit bigger around the middle! With its unique design, you can wear it continuously or take it off when needed, which makes it ideal for travel or everyday use.