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2Toms SportShield Xtra

Type: Accessories
  • ✶PREVENTS CHAFING – 2Toms SportShield for Her is now SportShield XTRA! SportShield XTRA provides all-day, 24-hour protection against thigh chafing, rubbing, overall chafing, irritation, and friction. It creates a soothing and protective barrier. Sweatproof & Waterproof.
  • ✶PREVENTS PAIN – Prevents pain & discomfort caused by chafing or blisters. This melt-free and waterproof formula creates a protective barrier that eliminates the uncomfortable feeling you may be experiencing.
  • ✶ALL-DAY PROTECTION W/ ALOE & SHEA BUTTER – With one application, SportShield for Her will last all day without rubbing off or wearing off. Contains soothing shea butter and aloe vera to give your skin a softness while protecting it.
  • ✶USE LESS, GET MORE – A little goes a long way. Rolls on your body quickly & easily as a smooth, invisible coating & washes off with soap. Ideal for upper thighs, under bras, under the arms, or anywhere else chafing may occur.