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Currex Run Pro Low Profile Insoles

by Currex
Type: Accessories

The currexSole RUNPRO LOW Profile Insoles are a great choice for runners with low arches or flat feet looking to add structure and stability to their favorite pair of shoes, without sacrificing comfort. These insoles have a zero offset design, so it will not compromise your shoe's geometry.

The deep heel cup provides shock absorption and a secure fit, while a semi-rigid arch adds structure and rebound to each stride. As an added benefit, bamboo and charcoal are sandwiched into the midlayer to wick moisture and defend against unwanted odor.


  • Pair of insoles
  • Recommended for low arches, flat feet, and most overpronators
  • Deep heel cup offers a secure fit for reducing unwanted movement
  • Bamboo and charcoal mid-layer wicks moisture and reduces odor
  • Cushioned heel provides shock absorption
  • Semi-rigid arch offers support and energy return
  • Trim-to-fit for customized size and feel
  • Provides optimal orthopedic support by reducing strain on the foot
  • Zero offset design does not affect a shoe's stock geometry