Women's Altra Provision 4

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Feel the future of support with the Altra Provision 4 running shoes! Runners who have mild to moderate pronation will appreciate the dynamic stability offered by the medial GuideRail™, which keeps you aligned every step of the run. This technology works to guide your stride when form starts to fade; otherwise, it stays out of your way. The dynamic InnovArch eyelet system lets you support your arches from the bottom when you lace up, preventing them from collapsing. When the fatigue starts to set in, let the Altra Provision 4 guide you through the finish.

Shoe Technology

Upper: Open sandwich mesh upper is lightweight and breathable. InnovArch eyelet system connects directly to the midline of the shoe, allowing you to support your arches from the bottom when you lace up. Footshape™ toe box allows your feet to spread out naturally.

Midsole: Medial Guiderail™ support system offers dynamic arch support only when you need it and without interrupting your natural stride. Balancd Cushioning positions the heel and forefoot at an equal distance from the ground to promote better running form and proper alignment.

Outsole: Redesigned outsole with a deeper guidance line down the middle decouples the shoe into a flexible outside and stable inside, giving runners support exactly where they need it.