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Men's Altra Rivera 2

by Altra
Type: Men's Shoes

The Altra Rivera 2 is a simple and lightweight daily trainer that has the versatility to handle any run throughout the week. The Rivera 2 has Altra's classic "Slim" foot shape which is the slimmest fitting option but still offers enough room for natural toe splay.

What You'll Love 

  • 0mm heel-to-toe drop
  • A consistent layer of resilient foam

The Altra Rivera is perfect for runners that want a lightweight option but still need protection from the road underfoot. Altra added a plush layer of their responsive AltraEGO cushioning, kept the upper simple, and strategically placed rubber on the outsole for durability without the added weight. This creates a lightweight shoe that can handle daily miles as well as faster-paced runs.

What’s New

  • Updated upper