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ALTEREGO Coaster Splash Dog Hat + Bandana

Type: Accessories
Rock the 'doggone' look with the ALTEREGO COASTER SPLASH DOG + BANDANA -including a stylishly coordinated bandana for your pup!
  • AER Splash™ water repellent technology keeps your hat from getting waterlogged and the beads will run right off like it's no big deal! Pawsome!
  • HyperPoly+™ fabric keeps perspiration in check, ensuring those embarrassing sweat marks stay hidden (no need for sweat lines!)
  • Hidden AER Run Pocket! Tuck your key, fuel, or pup treats away in your lid.
  • Feather-light fabric; ultra-weightless!
  • Extreme sweat wicking material to tackle your gnarliest runs and escapades!
  • Maximum durability for steadfast colors.
  • Low Maintenance Care! Wear, perspire, rinse with cold water? Hmm, seems basic enough! No need for a laundry machine to stay fabulous!
  • Reflective Elements to keep you and your pup safe and seen!

Alter Ego's Coaster style offers the perfect fit for classic headwear, hugging your head low and snug with our exclusive, ultra light AER TechTwill that's comfy, breathable, and screams top-flight performance. Plus, it's decked out with a structured front panel that follows the natural contours of your noggin.