Tip #4 - Hydration

It is super important to stay hydrated while on the run and throughout the day. To me, water is my "go to" drink during the day and I like to incorporate electrolytes such as Nuun to keep me hydrated for either my long or short runs during the week. You might have to try out a few different types of hydration products to see what best fits you. If I am running on the road, I run with a hand held Nathan water bottle and when I run trails I use a Nathan Hydration Vest to hold my bottles. I like running with a water bottle so that I can take a drink when I want one. Once dehydration hits on a run, it is hard to get it back and makes for a tough training day. Staying hydrated daily makes for easier and better running. Happy Running!!! By the way, we carry all sorts of Hydration products and bottles at Waco Running Company, so come visit.