A little rain never hurt anybody.

A little rain never hurt anybody.

Every day you are faced with choices. As a runner in the spring, you get to decide whether to hit the treadmill or head out into those springtime showers. In case you choose the latter, we want you to be prepared.

Here are some tips for getting out there and splashing in some puddles.

1) It starts with your attitude.

Make sure you are heading out knowing that this is your time and your choice. Embrace the weather and smile. We all liked hopping around in puddles as a kid. Channel your inner child.

2) Dress for the occasion.

Hats and eyewear will keep the rain from your eyes. A wicking, rain resistant jacket or vest, tech tee and running shorts will keep you comfortable. Wicking socks will help with pruning or blisters and lube will fight the chafing. Remember to protect your electronics with waterproof cases or plastic bags. And always get out of your wet clothes and into dry ones as soon as you finish running.

3) Have fun.

Sometimes changing it up or trying something new will bring you to a new runner’s high. Make the most of your run and feel more invincible. Need we say more, have fun!

Tag us in your rainy run photos, stay safe and come see us.