It is super important to stay hydrated while on the run and throughout the day. To me, water is my "go to" drink during the day and I like to incorporate electrolytes such as Nuun to keep me hydrated for either my long or short runs during the week. You might have to try out a few different types of hydration products to see what best fits you. If I am running on the road, I run with a hand held Nathan water bottle and when I run trails I use a Nathan Hydration Vest to hold my bottles. I like running with a water bottle so that I can take a drink when I want one. Once dehydration hits...


Never define yourself by a single workout. Progress comes from consistently working at your best, month-after-month, year-after-year, rising to whatever level you can rise to on any given day. If you pay too much attention to how you feel during a single workout, you will get whiplash from all the ups and downs. Most of my best workouts are preceded by absolute disasters, and vice versa. We're not robots. The ups and downs are part of the process. They're not problems to be solved. Embrace bad days because you get to practice being the type of person you want to be when things are not...


Recovery is important if you want to sustain a running lifestyle. Make sure you take time to foam roll, massage, stretch and treat yourself to an occasional cryo freeze from time to time. Running is a lot more enjoyable if you feel good doing it. Know your body and listen to it.

A little rain never hurt anybody.

Every day you are faced with choices. As a runner in the spring, you get to decide whether to hit the treadmill or head out into those springtime showers. In case you choose the latter, we want you to be prepared.

Here are some tips for getting out there and splashing in some puddles.

1) It starts with your attitude.

Make sure you are heading out knowing that this is your time and your choice. Embrace the weather and smile. We all liked hopping around in puddles as a kid. Channel your inner child.



In running, it is easy to fall into a one shoe fits all mentality. We want to run in shoes that work well for our friends or athletes we follow or fit ourselves into a training plan that is either too much or too little because it works for someone else. One of the greatest aspects about running is that you get to be uniquely you. Don't be afraid to test out shoes, training plans, nutrition or distances until you find something that fits you and allows you to crush your goals.

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